Doing groceries can be very therapeutic but for some, it can really be stressful if you don’t know or are not familiar with the different categories and where to find them. Let us give you some information about it so that you will already have a head start. This can even make you the “Grocery Master”.

To start, there are about four grocery sections but there are still different categories per section that you need to know.

  1. Fresh produce, deli and bakery

Fresh produce include fruits and vegetables. The basics that people buy for fruits are banana, apples, pineapple and orange. For vegetables, it usually include tomatoes, onions and garlic for cooking and if you love salads – you can buy lettuce, cuucmber, celery and carrots.

Deli include your hotdog and sausages, bacon and other proteins that you usally have for breakfast. For the bakery sections, these are you breads, biscuits, cookies and pastries that you love to have during snacks and desserts and also don’t forget the ones for the kids!

2. Meats, seafood and dairy

Meats include your pork, chicken and beef for your daily viands. You can have seafood like shrimps and crabs during the weekend to spice up your family lunch or dinner. Daiy products include your eggs, cheese and milk. Find the brands that you prefer.f

3. Packaged, bottled and canned goods

These can be your cereals, chocolate drinks for the kids, canned sausages, sardines, spam – common favorites also for breakfast, instant noodles. Careful still because there are the items high in MSG. You don’t want to be eating just this in the house.

4. Toiletries and Laundry/Dishwashing essentials

These items are very important especially for the Moms out there. For your laundry, you need your soap powder and fabric conditioner. Diswashing detergents also a must for cleaning your plates, glasses and other utensils. Toiletries include your shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash – of course you may need different brands for your and your children plus the toothbrush and toothpaste.

This information about grocery section and categories will be very helpful in doing your grocery list. In doing your grocery at the store, you will know which aisle to go. When doing it online, you can list it per category so that you will not have to miss anything! Knowing this stuff makes all your grocery things really easy and even enjoyable. In a way, this will be therapeutic already since you will be having everthing you need for yourself and for your family!

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