Doing groceries during the pandemic has been really very hard since restrictions have been made to prevent the outbreak of the virus, many jobs have been stopped therefore budget was very limited as well. To help the people in UK, Great Grocery Giveback came up with a special program for those who have limited budget and access to food and other essentials since the pandemic.

The program involves the regular customers, potentials ones and mainly those that need help. Regular customers got to nominate a family that will be donated with groceries and then in return, they will receive a 30% discount on their next groceries.

Many have participated in this program and the whole team of Great Grocery Giveback is very grateful. Here are some of the families we have helped so far who wanted to give their thanks to everyone who helped!

Jackson Family

“We are very grateful to the Great Grocery Giveback team and to our sponsor for providing us with food and other essentials. This really means a lot to our family. We will never forget this.”

Wood Family

“My wife and I lost our job because of the pandemic and we were only relying in our savings but our savings is almost out now because it has been too long already without a job and we had to work within a budget. Thank you to Great Grocery Giveback team for the goods and to our sponsors. We are already about to have a job again and we will try to help others too once we are back in our feet through this program.”

Edwards Family

“I am single Mom and got laid off during the pandemice. I had to sell different stuff online in order to buy food and pay bills but it wasn’t enough. The Great Grocery Giveback team’s help on monthly groceries was really a big help! Thank you so much to our sponsor! My children are very happy with the chocolates and other goodies!”

Our program is still very active and if you want to nominate/sponsor a family to receive groceries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Elijah Alberts, our program head through this email: or leave a message in our contact form.

Helping really goes a long way that is why our company is very much in the works for this program. There are still a lot of people who needs help and support in UK and you can be one of the few who can make a difference in their lives. Inquire now!


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