We, in Great Grocery Giveback, always aims to provide the best service to our customers. No doubt, since we started we have acquired a lot of customers already in different cities in UK through friends of friends and referrals. They were all happy with the service and the goodies that they received! Here are some testimonials from our customers that we would like to share with you.

Ms. Olivia Wilson – Glasgow

“I am a Single Mom and didn’t almost have the time always to go the groceries because of my job and with my two children who I have to take care of. Good thing I found out about Great Grocery Giveback through a friend and ever since I was availing the grocery delivery services and my life since got easier!”

Arthur Brown – Edinburgh

“My wife is a very busy lady, she has a job and when she is at home – she takes care of the chores. I wanted her to know that she doesn’t have to do everthing and that she needs to rest from time to time so I though of something that would help her, help us especially in doing the groceries. I searched online about grocery delivery servicea and I found out about Great Grocery Giveback. I found so many good reviews in their site and in social media. So I tried them and it was really convenient! Every two weeks I make our grocery list with advice from my wife and order them through Great Grocery Giveback and everytime we received freebies! They are really great especially their staff!”

Michelle Wilson – Liverpool

“I am a single, independent woman and I like doing things my way but things got so handy one time since I have a regular job, part time job and I had to go the gym for my work out that I didn’t have time to stock up on food and other household essentials. I was buying a lot of fast food and this was not helping in my diet regimen. My fitness coach then told me about Great Grocery Giveback and how they were really great in delivering important groceries within 24 hours that you ordered. I tried it and I am very happy! My pantry is now always full in stock and I can cook more healthy food!”

Irish Thompson – Bradford

“I hate groceries because it eats up a lot of my time but I have to since I have my three beatiful children to take care of. I have no helper and my husband goes to work too so I have no choice. Guess, my prayers have been answered by Great Grocery Giveback – I now enjoy online grocery because of them!”

These are just a few of the things our customers say about us! So if you want to experience the same, do not hesitate to contact us! We will always be ready for your grocery needs!

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